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3(3), Jul-Aug-Sep
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Practice of Knowledge and Competence of English Language Teachers for Outfitting with 21st Century Skills

Afsana Lailac
English Language 78-84

Violence against Women among the Slum Dwellers of Sholashahar in Chattogram

Al Jamal Mustafa Shindaini, Eshra Faruky
Sociology 85-92

Assessment of Oral English Ability at the Tertiary Level in Bangladesh

Hafsa Akter
English Language 93-98

Independent Language Learning (ILL): A Post-method Strategy for the Remote Learners of Bangladesh

Meherun Nessa, Mumtahina Fardos
Language Education 99-105

Growing Importance of ICT in ELT for Effective Pedagogy during COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh

K. M. Amirul Islam & Mohammad Shahazahan Seraj Bhuiyan
ELT 106-115

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