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English as a Medium of Instruction at Bangladesh University of Professionals: An Investigation

Shakila Akter & Sidratul Moontaha Mitul


This study aimed to explore the current situation of implementing English as a medium of instruction (EMI) at tertiary level of education in Bangladesh with a view to finding out the barriers faced by its stakeholders (teachers and students) and recommending some possible solutions to those. It followed a mixed method of research by employing questionnaires and semi-structured interviews as data collection tools. The data were collected from 15 teachers and 124 students from a public university of Bangladesh named Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) which has adopted EMI since inception. Moreover, six out of 21 teacher participants were also interviewed. Primary findings revealed the fact that both the teachers and the students accepted EMI at tertiary education as a positive endeavor in this age of internationalization. However, they faced several barriers during its implementation due to students’ varying levels of language competency, differences in learning style, some critical issues related to pedagogy and the scarcity of required resources. The study suggested the strategic use of students’ mother tongue (L1), training teachers in the concept of code-switching and translanguaging etc. for increasing the success of EMI at tertiary education in Bangladesh.

Keywords: EMI, tertiary education, BUP, barriers, students, teachers

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