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Practice of Knowledge and Competence of English Language Teachers for Outfitting with 21st Century Skills

Afsana Lailac


This study explored how teachers’ existing knowledge about twenty-first century skills does not reflect on their pedagogical competence and practice in the tertiary level language classrooms, and discovers a sheer imbalance between teacher’s knowledge about 21st century skills and pedagogical practice. A qualitative approach and a multiple case study method were followed to find out the answers of the research questions. Data were collected from purposively selected four language classrooms of English department of a private university in Dhaka. The analysis of data suggested that teachers have lack of knowledge about 21st century skills. Additionally, it is seen that teachers failed to address their competence to incorporate 21st century skills in classroom planning and practice. The distinct causes were lack of proper training, regular follow-ups and sometimes anxiety to deal with multilevel classrooms. The findings of the article recommended that teacher education programs should include the aspects of regular training for the teachers to practice 21st century skills in their pedagogy.
Keywords: Knowledge, competence, 21st century skills, pedagogy, practice

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