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Challenges of Teaching EFL Writing Skill at the Secondary Level in Bangladesh

Samiul Islam


Abstract: This paper aimed at finding out the overall scenario of teaching EFL writing at the secondary level in Bangladesh along with the challenges faced by the teachers while teaching. A mixed method approach was chosen to conduct the study. Twenty EFL teachers teaching English as a foreign language at the secondary level in Dhaka and Mymensingh divisions of Bangladesh were chosen as the participants of the study who were provided with a questionnaire and also participated in the interview session. It was revealed that most of the teachers face challenges regarding class size while teaching EFL writing because they cannot handle such a large class intensively. Again, it was found that for the short duration of each class, teachers cannot provide proper feedback to every learner. It was unfolded that the biggest challenge that the teachers face is the mixed ability of their students. Besides, a great number of teachers do not have any kind of training to teach EFL writing at the secondary level of education. It was recommended that through providing proper training facilities to the teachers and allocating sufficient class time and authentic writing materials, these challenges can be overcome.
Keywords: Challenge, EFL Writing, Teaching, Secondary Level

Citation: Islam. S. (2023). Challenges of Teaching EFL Writing Skill at the Secondary Level in Bangladesh. Journal of ELT and Education, 6(3), 65-69.

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