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Awareness Regarding Sustainable Marketing and its Implications: A Study on RMG Sector in Bangladesh

Salma Honey

2(2), Apr-May-Jun

The progressions influence of innovative, natural and social changes affect the business procedures and influence the acts of the decision-makers. The present examination is an endeavor to analyze the general comprehension in regards to the consciousness of the manageable promoting rehearses in Ready Made Garments (RMG) division in Bangladesh and need to build up its suggestion in their business rehearses. This paper identifies the present scenarios regarding the awareness of sustainable marketing practices in Bangladesh and its implications in this regard. The findings of the study are based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected from 50 garments industries from both Dhaka and Gazipur districts. The samples were collected according to the convenience of the researcher. The data were analyzed using some qualitative tools of statistical data analysis. Finally, the study will suggest some guidelines which will be beneficial to our Bangladeshi manufacturers for building the awareness regarding sustainable marketing practices, which are the most emerging issues in the global context.
Keywords: Awareness, Sustainable Marketing, Implication, Ready Made Garments

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