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Pronunciation Difficulties of the EFL Undergrads in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study

Md Mostafa Ali

2(2), Apr-May-Jun

The study asserts the pronunciation difficulties in the English as Foreign Language (EFL) context of Bangladesh dealing with the existing practices of the EFL undergraduates. The paper also identifies and resolves the variety of quandaries and the limitations for achieving sound English pronunciation skills for which 40 EFL undergraduates and 10 EFL teachers were the key participants to conduct the study. The study predominantly focuses on the dilemmas of EFL reading and speaking in the classroom and the reasons of the failures of ‘Standard English’ pronunciation considering the perceptual viewpoints of the participants about standard articulation. The method of data collection of this qualitative study encompasses the credentials through direct interviews, observational studies and a questionnaire survey on EFL pronunciation in the classroom with the intention of shunning perplexity. The study finds out the practical reasons for mispronunciation such as dialectal influence, over-simplification, lack of confidence, scarcity of materials etc. Finally, some considerations are recommended to improve the pronunciation standard.
Keywords: Standard pronunciation, scarcity of materials, dialectal influence, metrology of teachers, learning tactics

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