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Technology in Teaching EFL Speaking to the Intermediate Students in Bangladesh: An Appraisal

Md. Abdul Mumen

2(2), Apr-May-Jun

The study presents the way of teaching speaking skill in the context of English as a foreign language (EFL) with the best use of technology for the intermediate level students in Bangladesh. It also suggests the teachers regarding the ways of teaching spoken English to the Bangladeshi EFL learners through technology. The effectiveness and problems of using technology have also been depicted here. 20 teachers of six renowned colleges of Dhaka are interviewed as well as 4 questions are asked to the students about the inability of spoken English. After the survey it can be said undeniably that using technology in teaching spoken English to the intermediate students is more effective than any other means. Now-a-days, most of the students are using mobile phone, computer, laptop etc. and they are passing huge time. When they will get the opportunity of learning English, they will concentrate on it very easily. Most of the teachers and students are agreed to use technology for learning spoken English. Very few teachers are disagreed about it because they are not trained of using technology as well as they told if they are trained to us technology, they are eager to use computer, laptop for teaching.
Keywords: Technology, teaching tactics, spoken English

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