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An Investigation into the Heteroglossic Language Identity of BUP Students: A Sociolinguistic Study

Nushat Khan & Shakila Akter


Abstract: This paper aims to investigate the heteroglossic nature of the language of a group of young students studying at a public university of Bangladesh named Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) analyzing their daily conversations. In Bangladesh, Bengali with its several dialects is the most dominant language. English has become the most popular foreign language and has been already accepted as the medium of instruction in several tertiary level institutions in this country. Additionally, young people here are also getting exposure to several other cultures and languages for the availability of internet. All these linguistics resources undoubtedly put some influence on the linguistic identity of these young adults. They can borrow several meaning making resources from the cultures available to them, and that reflection can be observed by analyzing their daily language practices. This paper explores the normal and informal conversations of everyday life of the students of BUP using the Heteroglossic theory of Bakhtin for unknotting different voices and perspectives in a single utterance and shows how meaning changes and new meaning is created based on its social, political, and historical reality. This paper mainly explores the Banglicisation of English and Anglicisation of Bangla through the lens of heteroglossia. It is a qualitative study based on the conversation analysis of 4 groups of BUP students including 17 participants. The result shows that the nature of everyday language of these people is heteroglossic and people use language in novel and different ways frequently; alongside, they must negotiate their identity several times in their diversified conversations.

Keywords: Heteroglossia, dialogism, multivocality, double-voicing, identity

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