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Effect of Fabric Structure and Design on Knitted Fabric Width, Weight and its Strength

Md. Anisuzzaman Rassel

2(3), Jul-Aug-Sep

Knit fabric manufacturing is a challenging job in order to keep buyers’ satisfaction intact with full quality line and other required comfort parameters. Knit fabric structure and design play a vital role on fabric quality level and in production criteria. Physical properties can be altered due to fabric structure and design as well as yarn diameter. Fiber composition of yarn is also a factor for particular fabric structure and design. In this study the influence of fabric structure and design was identified to get the result of any effect on fabric width, fabric thickness and fabric strength. In total twenty samples were developed in plain structure and its derivatives. In this study, the foremost goal was to observe the effect and influence of fabric structure and design on plain knitted fabric width, fabric weight and fabric strength. The highest fabric width was found in double lacoste structure and lowest fabric width was found in plain structure. Fabric structure composed with tuck stitches exhibited higher thickness of the fabric and highest fabric strength was observed in plain structure.
Keywords:Fabric thickness, GSM, Bursting strength, single lacoste, double lacoste, WPI, CPI, Stitch length

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