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People’s Satisfaction on the Local Service Government: A Study on the Union Parishads under Kushtia District

Mst. Nazmunnahar, Md. Abdul Zalil & Selina Khatun

2(3), Jul-Aug-Sep

This study investigated the people’s satisfaction on the local service government keeping lights on the active participation and effective leadership in Union Parishads (UP) under Kushtia district. Active participation and effective leadership are two accepted substantial objects of a well-functioning local government. Without these two ingredients, governance of local government intuitions cannot be satisfied. An emerging South Asian economic country, Bangladesh has already achieved some exemplary developments in many fields, and it is still attempting to establish a strong and vibrant local government by ensuring active participation and effective leadership. In Bangladesh, the functions of the local government are not much people oriented. With a study on UPs, the lowest tier of rural local government, this paper has illustrated the actual performances performed by the UPs keeping a relationship with people’s satisfaction in the local government in Bangladesh. Major findings of this study are that a significant number of elected members does not have minimum knowledge about the laws and they do not have the proper understanding on management and their role, and most of the people are not satisfied with the services provided by the UPs.
Keywords: Local Service Government, UP Services, People’s satisfaction, Causes of dissatisfaction

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