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Impact of Transnational Culture to Control Terrorism in Muslim Countries: A Critical Explanation from Tawhidic Paradigm

Suhaimi Bin Mhd. Sarif, Ashiqun Nabi & Md. Tasnim Ferdous

2(3), Jul-Aug-Sep

This paper tries to address the impact of transnational culture to reduce the terrorism. According to the definition, transnational culture consists of three things which are basically cultural diversity, multi-ethnicity, multi-languages. This transnational culture can play a vital role to reduce the terrorism in the Muslim countries especially in Turkey and Bangladesh. For this research purpose, the study obtained the opinions of 59 post graduate students from different universities in Turkey and Bangladesh through a survey on the impact of transnational culture in reducing terrorism. The study found that transnational culture has a significant impact on changing people’s perspective about the need to reduce terrorism in today’s Muslim world. The informants also viewed that the Tawhidic paradigm (Unity of God) offers spiritual dimension to educate and nurture people to respect other views, multi-ethnicity, cultures and languages which may lead to reduce the terrorism in the Muslim nations. Nevertheless, the results of the study are constrained by the size of the sample and robustness of the analyses.
Keywords: Transnational culture, globalization, Muslim countries, tawhidic paradigm, terrorism

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