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The Language of the Urang Community of Bangladesh: An Analysis

Abdul Rahman, Snehangshu Shekhar Chanda & Shahnara Parvin

2(4), Oct-Nov-Dec

The study focuses on the life of the Urang community of Bangladesh, especially on the language of this ethnic community living mainly in greater Sylhet for ages. Data have been collected through field visits and semi-structured interviews with 64 members of the community. The result shows that, even though the Urangs have traditionally been working and living in different tea gardens in Sylhet, a lot of them are now engaged in various professions including jobs even in some government offices. Linguistically the Urangs are predominantly bilingual: they speak Kurukh and in some cases Sadri for intra-communal communication whereas they use Bangla for communicating with mainstream Bangladeshi people. 37.50% of the respondents have opined that their mother tongue Kurukh has its writing system when 62.50% are of the view that Kurukh has no written script. However, none of the respondents has been found to be able to write even a single word in Kurukh. The study concludes stressing the need for taking proper steps to revive this endangered language.
Keywords: The Urangs, Language, Kurukh, Sadri

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