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Anxiety During Oral Presentations in English Among Malaysian Undergraduates

Nalini Arumugam, Anis Aleeya Binti Hashim, Sivajothy Selvanayagam & Isai Amutan Krishnan


Abstract: The study aims to investigate the factors that may cause anxiety during oral presentations that are conducted in English and to identify the strategies used by them to cope with it. The study employed a quantitative method. Questionnaires were distributed to 300 undergraduates from three public universities in Malaysia. SPSS (version 23) tool was used to analyze the data statistically to find frequency, mean, and standard deviation. The findings showed that the respondents commonly have negative emotions, physical symptoms, and fear of making mistakes during English oral presentations. The findings further revealed that students’ language ability, audience reaction, and teacher’ feedback are the factors that affected undergraduates’ anxiety in oral presentation using the English language. Undergraduates cope with their anxiety by making efforts to understand the topic and prepare ahead of time to as part of their coping strategies.
Keywords: Anxiety, oral presentations, coping strategies, emotions, efforts

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