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A Critical Analysis of the Character ‘Grete’ from Transcendental Perspectives in The Metamorphosis



Abstract: The Metamorphosis is a brilliant work of Franz Kafka. Several critics tried to identify different aspects of this novella from different point of views. Apparently, the title of this novel The Metamorphosis refers to the transformation of the protagonist, Gregor Samsa, into a bug, considering the whole story readers can finally discover that not only Gregor but every character gets through some transformation, though physically not at all. Readers can also identify the transcendental quality of human being almost in all the characters especially in the characterization of Gregor’s sister, Grete. The paper aimed to analyze one of the most significant characters of this novel, Grete, from transcendental perspective where the transcendental quality of this character is twisted for the sake of society and its regulations and thus to find out a reflection of transcendentalism in The Metamorphosis.
Keywords: Transcendentalism, The Metamorphosis, Grete, critical analysis

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