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Guilty Sex and Eco-anxiety in Eliot’s The Wasteland: A Critique

Md. Shahjahan Kabir


Abstract: This paper aims at commenting on the commercialization of sex, rape, thwarted fertility and eco-anxiety as delineated in Eliot’s The Wasteland. Sex is the only way of procreation for human beings but it is threatened by paraphilia. Consequently, the fertility rate in many developed countries is decreasing and even in some countries birth rate is zero or minus. Eliot has precisely demarcated prostitution, mechanical sex, rape and homosexuality through The Wasteland. All the female characters in this poem are directly or indirectly used as sex tools. On the other hand, eco-anxiety is deepening for global warming, deforestation, contamination of drinking water, unplanned urbanization and massive industrialization. Eliot has categorically represented that the water of the sweet Thames is polluted by the people who are involved in wooing, cooing and fulfilling nymphomania. This study helps us to explicate the dangerous consequences of sexual molestation and environmental pollution as portrayed in The Wasteland.
Keywords: Eco-anxiety, guilty sex, postmodernism, thwarted fertility

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