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Identity Crisis: A Comparative Study between Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake and Monica Ali’s Brick Lane

Md. Jahidul Azad & Rabeya Bosri


Abstract: Culture usually shapes our values, morals, habits, thinking, social relations, and living patterns. But identity crises are mostly encountered by the immigrants nowadays as the sheer outcome of cultural clashes. We all know that immigrating to another nation is a typical occurrence in today’s society. In recent years, people have been moving from one nation to another in search of a brighter future. Every year, a large number of individuals migrate from South Asia to the Western world. They have a common experience abroad, regardless of their native nation or class. They have issues with language, culture, ritual, cuisine, and, most importantly, their identity in a new nation. As a result, a person’s transition from one culture to another is a traumatic experience. Some people adapt well to culture shock, while others have a strong desire to return to their cultural roots. They are caught between their hometown’s cultural identity and the new environment. Immigrant difficulties are a source of concern for many authors throughout the world. The current study looks at the subject of identity crisis through cultural tensions depicted in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake and Monica Ali’s Brick Lane. In their books, Jhumpa Lahiri and Monica Ali, both international writers, address the issue of immigration. The purpose of this study is to analyze the difficulty faced by immigrants in other countries when both first and second-generation immigrants confront cultural conflicts and choose to remain in the middle.
Keywords: Identity Crisis, Social Adjustment, Split Psyche, Appropriation

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