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Role of Media in Promotion of Education and Protection of Human Rights: An Overview

Md. Abu Bakar Siddique

2(2), Apr-May-Jun

The current paper depicts the substantial contribution of mass media to cooperate the government and the society on the right track on their exertion to safeguard, administer and stimulate human rights and education. Sometimes, customary unrestricted speech or freedom of countenance disputes accept that the main concern is an individual in particular the rights of speakers to prompt their opinion to others. Nevertheless, there are awe-inspiring disputes to encompass freedom of speech to the mass media. The media provides readers, listeners, viewers with information and the range of ideas and opinions that empower them to contribute actively in a political egalitarianism and instruct them about their basic human rights. The relationship between press liberty and liberty of speaking is even sometimes considered to be alike. They have approximately the same connotation. The incontrovertible supremacy of the media and its ombudsman place as a fourth division of the government has been substantiated in many cases. Copious human rights defilements have been disclosed by the media and the perceptions of human rights have touched the civic through the media which in return apprised many to uphold the gens of the international human rights commandments.
Keywords: Social media, human rights, promotion, protection, education, internet

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