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A Study on the TBLT Approach to Improve ESL Learners’ Reading Skill: Jane Willis’s Perspectives

A. K. M. Iqbal Bahar & Md. Mijanur Rahman Bhuiyan

2(2), Apr-May-Jun

Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT) is indeed an approach where learning revolves around the accomplishment of meaningful tasks (Zakime, 2018). However, the aim of this paper is to review Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT), an offshoot of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), along with its implications for improving reading skill of students. In doing so, it discusses two notable features of TBLT: communicative language use, and ‘learner-centered approach’ to language teaching as opposed to more traditional ‘teacher-dominated approaches’. Overall, it is a holistic approach. From theoretical perspective, psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic aspects TBLT are discussed briefly. The study found its primary framework from Willis’ (1996) idea of TBLT that has been segmented into Pre-task, Task cycle, and Language focus. This framework is mainly delineated in terms of teaching reading skill. Finally, relevant findings of some studies on teaching reading based on TBLT are revealed.
Keywords: Task Based Language Teaching (TBLT), reading skill, task, form

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