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The Effects of Foreign Language Anxiety on the ESL/EFL Students’ Language Learning


2(2), Apr-May-Jun

Learning a foreign language is always a wearisome task. The present comprehensive case study depicts the effects of anxiety, nervousness and hesitation of the learners learning a foreign language both in ‘English as a Second Language (ESL)’ and ‘English as a Foreign Language (EFL)’ contexts. The study was conducted with only one female participant studying in Australia, an English-speaking country and learning English as a foreign language other than her own native tongue. Her thoughts, ideas, hesitations and nervousness were dealt with to complete the case study. The most supportive method for data collection was direct interview with a structured set of questions. Finally, the researcher proposes some imperative findings and implications regarding foreign language anxiety and creates awareness to find out own solutions to move forward to participants’ speaking or communication problem.
Keywords: Anxiety, foreign language, awareness

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